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Termite Control That Works

Effective Termite Control That Works

For Do-It-Yourself methods you can consider using a termite bait system. Termite bait systems are better for a preventative measure than a treatment method. The reason for this is that if termites are already in your house, they are unlikely to leave your house to checkout the bait systems that are outside your house.


They are not that difficult to use but they do require you to be at least a little bit handy and they require you to check them no less than four times a year.

If you do have them in your house already you may want to look into doing a spot treatment after you identify the infested areas.

Another common method many people opt for is natural termite control. Although the term “Natural” is somewhat debatable, there are definitely methods of termite control that are more “Natural” than others and people who would rather not expose their home to the strong chemicals present in traditional fumigation are turning to some of these methods as a green alternative.

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