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Termite Heat Treatment – Eradicate Drywood Termites with Heat Fumigation

What is Termite Heat Treatment?

Termite heat treatment, also known as thermal termite treatment, is a relatively new type of of treatment. Previously, when a large area of a home was infested by termites, chemicals were the most reliable way to fumigate a home to rid it of these pests. However, specially trained pest control companies can now treat your home with thermal heat. They create tarp barrier around your home to capture the heat. They must also take precautions to protect certain areas of your home from damage that can be caused by the excessive heat.


Who Can Do Heat Fumigation for Termites?

How Much Does Thermal Termite Treatment Cost?

Are There Potential Downfalls to Treating a Home With Heat?

Does it Work on All Types of Termites?

Heat treatment for termites typically is only used on Drywood termites. Since this process kills termites in your home by heating up the entire structure to a point that is fatal to the little critters, it is only useful for eradicating the types of termites that live only in the timber of your home. Subterranean termite infestations can easily spring back up after a home undergoes heat fumigation since they almost always enter a home from underground. Of course any subterranean termites that may be present in a home when undergoing heat treatment would be killed but it would not be long until the termites that stayed underground in their colony would re-infested the home.

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