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Termites With Wings Flying Around Your House?

Do you have termite problems?


Winged Termites

As termites cause heavy damage to houses, costing hundreds of dollars to repair, homeowners need to know how to recognize that their house has an infestation. Winged termites are one warning flag that an infestation may exist as it is possible to see swarming winged termites outside of the home if there is a colony devouring the home. Termite swarms are therefore one of the best red flags.

What Are Winged Termites?

In termite society, there are different castes that determine the termite’s role in the colony. Only termites that are reproductive will grow wings. Even then, not all reproductive termites have wings. There are two primary types of reproductive termites: alates and neotenics. There are two further subtypes of neotenics, and alates have two further stages. Neotenics will not have wings, although some of them will have wing nubs; neotenicssupplement the colony’s egg production and resemble smaller queens. Alates are the winged termites that you are likely to see as neotenics remain inside the colony.

Do you have termite problems?

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