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Know What Termites Look Like? Every Home Owner & Renter Should Know This.

Do not mistake termites for white ants as many people do.  They are actually quite different if you just learn a few key distinguishing features between the two.

The reason many people confuse the two is because the adult termite and certain adult ants both grow wings when they are ready to mate.  At this stage in their lives (known as alate) they look quite similar.

Appearance of Different Castes of Termites (Soldiers, Queens, Workers)

Termites, like many other insects, have strong mandibles or jaws for their size.  And like ants, termites can pinch you with their mandibles.  However unlike some ant bites, termite bites will NOT sting.  You can learn more about termite bites here.

What Termite Swarmers or Winged Termites Look Like

Difference in Appearance Between Ants & Termites

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