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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Termite Traps and Bait Stations – Homemade & Store-Bought Traps That Work

Termite traps have proven to be a promising alternative to liquid termite chemicals or termiticides and costly barrier treatments. Commonly referred to as termite baits, these products are also valuable additions to integrated treatment plans that are implemented in areas with large termite populations and a far higher likelihood of property infestation. Compared to other treatments, […]


How To Prevent Termites

Termites are an invasive species of insect that can cause considerable property damage. They can chew through flooring, wood and wallpaper undetected. They are also capable of causing significant structural harm at the property exterior.  Of all the insect colonies that can set up camp near your abode, this is one of only a select […]


How To Know If You Have Termites

One of the worst kinds of pest to have invading your home or business building is termites. Not only can these insects eat through an entire house and business structure, but also they are capable of destroying entire neighborhood homes.  They are capable of doing this because their nesting grounds are far beneath the ground […]


When Do Termites Swarm?

Imagine this… You wake up on a beautiful warm morning, walk to the kitchen and discover that there are hundreds of winged insects twitching about the doorway and the floor. These insects do not seem to fly well and most of them are dead or dying. This is not the scene of the latest B-thriller. […]

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