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Monthly Archives: May 2015

What Eats Termites?

People who are interested in natural or organic termite control often are interested in what are natural predators of termites. Quick Navigation What Animals Eat Termites?ReptilesAmphibiansBirdsMammalsHumansWhat Other Insects or Bugs Eat Termites?AntsSpidersNematodes What Animals Eat Termites?ReptilesQuite a few different types of lizards and snakes have been observed eating termites through out the world. In Africa […]


What Attracts Termites Besides Wood?

Nearly everyone knows the main thing that attracts termites… Wood. However there’s more than just wood that can attract termites.  Can you guess what else attracts termites? MoistureTermites, especially the subterranean termites, enjoy dampness and moisture. They would have a very difficult time digesting cellulose if it were not somewhat damp. Additionally they would lose all […]


What You Need To Know About Using A Home Remedy For Termites

Many homeowners are eager to find a fast-acting, cheap home remedy for their termite problems. Home remedies for any infestation can give consumers the opportunity to limit their use of chemicals when treating properties for invasive insects.  Moreover, if used effectively and in a timely fashion, DIY-methods can also significantly reduce treatment costs. Given the potentially […]