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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Termite vision

Can Termites See?

Have you ever wondered whether or not termites can see?  Termites appear to be pretty adept at finding their way to wood and wood structures, thus they obviously have methods for successfully negotiating their environments and for avoiding predators.   Surprisingly, however, many termites are indeed blind. In the hierarchy of a termite colony, both soldier […]


Can Termites Hurt You or Animals?

Termites can hurt you or other people in your home however it is unlikely. Termites prefer to spend their time munching on plant-based material containing cellulose. However, they are little creatures who are looking out for their survival and will defend themselves when they feel threatened. They have a caste of termites with more powerful […]


Drywood Termite Treatment Costs: Top Price Reduction Tips You Can Use

An active colony of termites will forage non-stop. This means that damages will occur quickly and continue to mount until you take strategic action. If you have drywood termites in your home, however, you’re in luck. Treating an infestation of these insects is often much easier and far less costly than eliminating colonies of subterranean […]