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Best Ant Killers

If you are anything like me, the sight of even one single ant scurrying across your kitchen counter sends pulses of rage and annoyance through your entire body. Now you have to figure out what kind of ants these pesky invaders are, where did they come from, and why are they sticking around?

Then, you have to go and spend time, money, and energy trying to find the product that is going to work best for you. Well, my friends, I have been in this position more often than not and cannot provide you with a valid explanation as to why these nuisances show up, but I can offer you my review on the top five highly-rated best ant killers that I have tried.

Spoiler alert: One of these is my constant go-to and has been my ultimate success, if I were to be completely honest….which I am.

Prefilled Liquid Ant Baits - Terra

First of all, Terra Prefilled Liquid Ant Baits are perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. They take two to three days before they begin to work efficiently, but this is because the ants check in, take the bait, and then spread it to their friends and family. Each pack contains six different bait stations. Further, all of the chemicals are contained inside these stations, so there are no messy poison spills or sticky, messy madness. Additionally, the stations also prevent the bait from drying out.

It is recommended that you use all six baits at a time and strategically place them in the ant's known trails so you can get the full effectiveness of the product. These baits are not a quick solution. It takes two to three days before the results are seen because you have to give the ants time to grab the bait and spread it around. It will eventually reach the queen and kill all of the ants. To gain complete control over the infestation, allow up to two weeks. The baits will remain effective for three months.

One of the main ingredients found in the Terra baits is borax. Borax has a low toxicity for people and animals. However, it is still recommended that you keep them out of your pet’s reach.


Finally, one box contains six separate baits and the Amazon price for this box is under $5. You also have the option of bigger packs for even more significant results for just a few dollars more.

​Raid Max Double Control Ant Baits

Second on the list is raid Max Double Control Ant Baits, which are individual child-resistant ant baits that should be placed against walls, along baseboards, under the sink and cabinets, and any other areas you have seen ant activity. Further, the active ingredient in these baits is abamectin. It is recommended that you use all of the baits at once. Take them out of the package and separate them before placing them in the desired locations.

Additionally, these baits will remain active for up to three months but will take a few days before you will see results. The double control formula attracts the ants to the bait and then they carry the bait to their colony and reduces the population before killing them off entirely.

Lastly, Like other ant baits, the toxicity levels are low which makes it safe to use around people and animals. But, as always, you should still try to avoid placing them where your children or pets can get to them.


One box of Raid Max Double Control Ant Baits can be found on Amazon for under $10. Moreover, Each box contains eight baits, and you are recommended to use at least four at a time if not all of them.

​Maxforce Bait Stations

Maxforce FC Ant Bait Stations - Fair priced and effective

Third, we've got Maxforce Bait Stations, which can be used indoors or outdoors. They provide quick control over your ant infestation and will start killing within the first six hours, with full control after four days. Additionally, the active ingredient is Fipronil and has a domino effect kill. The bag is resealable to keep the unused baits fresh and away from contamination. Plus, they have an easy peel and stick adhesive for quick and easy placement. It is recommended that you place them along the known ant trails. Finally, use one bait per 100 square foot space. You can easily relocate them if you don't see any activity. This product is useful for most kinds of household ants and should be replaced every three months.


One bag contains twenty-four baits. On Amazon, one bag comes in under $30 which is reasonable, due to how many baits you are receiving per bag.

Amdro Bait Stations

Fourth, we've got the Amdro Bait Stations, which can be used indoors or outdoors and are easy to use without any drips, spills, or messes. Place them along the ant trails you have found. The bait attracts the ants who then take it back to their colonies and share it; the bait eventually reaches the queen, and once the queen is dead, the whole mound dies. However, it does not work immediately; you need to give it a few days for the bait to reach the queen. The active ingredient is borax and is not harmful to people or animals, but it is still suggested to keep the bait stations out of reach. These baits are also child resistant, prefilled, and ready to use.


One box of Amdro Ant baits contains six baits for the low price of under $10. Moreover, you will want to use at least three at a time, placed in strategic locations.

Combat Source Baits

Last on the list is Combat Source Baits, which work through ingestion. The slow-working, but effective traps lure the ants to the bait, and then the bait is shared among the entire colony. These baits kill using a domino effect and will eventually reach and eliminate the queen. Full control can be seen after a few days of use. Further, it is recommended that you place these traps along the ant trails, but relocate them if you don't see any action. These baits remain active for up to three months before it is recommended that you replace them. Moreover, the poison is fully confined in a child-resistant bait, and there are no vapor or fumes, no mess, and no spills. You should also use more than one bait at a time.


One box of Combat Ant Baits contains six separate baits for the Amazon price which is under $10

My Recommendation

Based on my experience and my previous ant problems, my suggestion is the Terra Prefilled Liquid Ant Baits. They are reasonably priced, last for months, and pose no harm to my children or pets. You can see them working as well. While they take the bait back to their colony, some don’t make it out of the gel, and you can see the casualties of war. It is a pretty satisfying experience.

I have never personally had a problem with these baits, and I will not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. I will, however, expand my horizons and try other products available, but I can rest easy knowing that I found at least one, I can honestly say is extremelyuseful in my home.

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