DIY termite treatment can work (But takes some knowledge.)


Of the ways to get rid of termites that people are interested in, it seems I get the most questions about treatment and prevention methods people can do themselves. Although in most cases it is best to let a professional treat termite infestations within your home or structure, some people prefer to tackle termite problems by themselves. You may live out in the boonies where you do not have access to pest control or you may be strapped for cash. Whatever the reason here is the scoop on Do-It-Yourself options.

Video explaining DIY 10 year termite treatment with Termidor SC

I know I need professional termite treatment later on, but how can I kill the termites I see now?

Some folks want to hire a termite control company but want an easy way to kill the termites they see in their home until they can receive professional termite treatment.

If you just want to kill termites in your home that are visible to you, there are many different things you can use. Mixing some dish soap with water and spraying it on termites suffocates them, eventually killing them. This is fairly non-toxic and cheap. It works well for most other bugs too.

Bleach water also kills termites. So, if you find termites on a tile floor, in your bathtub or shower, or on some similar surface where you wouldn’t mind applying bleach water, this is another option. I think soapy water is easier but some people routinely use bleach water to clean these areas in their home anyway, so you might prefer this option.

Just remember if you use bleach water or soapy water, you’re only addressing symptoms. The majority of a termite colony will remain hidden, either under the ground or inside your walls, attic, or other places that are tough to detect. You’ll kill the visible termites but many more will remain hidden, taking care of the queen, her larvae, and helping her expand the colony.

Not all termite infestations can be eradicated via DIY termite treatments

If you decide to try to cut down on the price of your termite treatment by attempting some of these “do-it-yourself alternatives” then please just understand the effectiveness of such methods and the risk you face of not adequately exterminating or preventing an infestation if you do not properly execute the treatment methods.

Spot treatments are most suitable for DIY termite treatment

If you’re sure that termites in your home are limited to a small area, you can likely conduct a termite spot treatment. The problem is, that it’s difficult to know with certainty where a termite infestation resides in a building.

Even professional termite controllers don’t make such an assumption. They have advanced tools like thermal cameras that can show termite activity inside walls and other hard-to-investigate areas and yet, if they find signs of a significant drywood termite infestation, they’ll often recommend termite tenting (either fumigation or heat tenting). This is because it’s difficult to determine every location where termites are hiding inside your home’s timber.

If, however, you just bought some second-hand furniture and notice termites near it within a week or so of purchasing it, it’s probable that the majority of those termites reside inside the piece of furniture you just purchased.

DIY Termite Treatment FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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The first step of DIY termite control and treatment is learning to identify the signs of termites and then do your own inspection in order to find out the extent of the infested area.

Here are some nice tips and additional resources for controlling termites.

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