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Termites have always been a disaster to the house. When a structure is infested by a colony of termites, whether it is a small or a huge colony, it becomes completely damaged. Therefore, termite control industries were invented many years ago, and thanks to technology, many methods of termite control are available nowadays.

One of the best methods used in the termite control field is electronic termite control. It is as useful as other plans to control termites but it also presents some disadvantages.

  • What is electronic termite control?
  • When can the electronic termite control be used?
  • What is the best way to use electronic termite control?
  • What are the best products of electronic termite control?
  • What are the Advantages of electronic termite control?
  • What are the limits of its efficiency?

1. What is electronic termite control?

Electronic termite control, or treatment, is a plan to control small-scale termite infestations by disposing the termite colony, when located, by a high-voltage and high-frequency electric current.

This type of treatment – the electronic termite control – is used to control Drywood termites, which infests walls or wood in the house.

You may wonder how wood can conduct electric current; well, it doesn’t have to. The 90,000 voltage of current will penetrate through the empty galleries filled with moist air inside of the wood and kill all the termites in this location.

This plan is considered as one of the most successful ways to control Drywood termites after being appropriately located.

2. When can the electronic termite control be used?

If you have been looking for an efficient plan to control termites, then you might have been trying many plans, and every plan is meant for a specific kind of termite.

Electronic termite control is meant for Drywood termites, so the first condition to use electronic termite control is the existence of Drywood termites.

Electronic termite control systems are designed to push 90,000+ volts current into small areas. So it is best if the colony of Drywood termites is precisely located.

The size of the colony also matters. Drywood termite colonies are often huge, in a way that electronic termite control is not sufficient to control them.

If you are willing to use electronic termite control in your house, you should first contact an expert to help you inspect the behavior of termites in your house, detect their location and tell if you can use an electronic termite control system.

Even if you are willing to do it by yourself, here we provide you with the best way to use electronic termite control.

3. The best way to use an electronic termite control system:

Having Drywood termites in your house is a serious problem, and you should deal with it very carefully. Therefore, it is better if you plan your electronic termite control like a professional:

  1. First: you have to detect the locations of Drywood termite colonies in your house. Drywood termites are generally larger and longer than other termites; one Drywood termite is up to 1/2 inch long. These termites are fed by cellulose, meaning wood, papers cardboard… etc. So, if you observe some damage in the wood or some termites’ wings abandoned here and there, you should immediately make your move.
  2. Second: the move is about localizing the colony. You need to check the behavior of these annoying insects in the damaged area and making boundaries to the Drywood termites colony. It is better if you mark the boundaries with a pen; it helps you gain a better chance in destroying the termites.
  3. Third: you should buy an appropriate electronic termite control system (which we are providing below) and just aim at the location you traced and the termites will be gone in a few minutes. Of course, 90,000+ voltage push current will not just kill them, but it will make them disappear.

If you are satisfied with this method, you can follow the rules and do it yourself. If you have some questions don’t hesitate to ask an expert.

But to plan all this electronic termite control, you must pick up a system that allows you to push 90,000+ volts of current in a way to destroy the Drywood termites colony.

4. The best products of electronic termite control:

Using a good product will effectively bring satisfying results and guarantee the total treatment of termites. Therefore, we are listing some products that are the best on the market and will absolutely help you get rid of Drywood termites.

Without any chemical or pesticides, these electronic termite repellents will allow you to kick out the termites or kill them.

  • Ecola Electro-Gun: this electronic termite control system is considered the best, as it provides immediate results (within few minutes of use) and kills the termites so you make sure they won’t infest the garden or the garage or any other wooden structure.

It is easy to use, it gets plugged in a normal current plug and will convert 120 volts current to 90,000+ volts of current at 60,000+ cycles per second so the frequency reaches 60,000 Hz and it goes through the wood and causes immediate termite kill.

This product is considered the best and if you are willing to totally get rid of termites and not just make them leave, you should buy an Ecola Electro-Gun immediately. The price ranges from $89 to $129.

  • PestByGoneTM Ultrasonic Pest Repellent: This product is less useful than the Ecola Electro-Gun as it doesn’t provide immediate results and it doesn’t kill termites, it just drives them crazy and makes them leave in a few days.

It is safer and easier than the Electro-Gun. It gets plugged in the normal home circuit and will send electrical microwaves that drive away insects, including Drywood termites, and kicks them out of the house. In that case, you still have an infestation outside, because if the termites leave the house, they will find an appropriate place in the garden.

This product doesn’t guarantee a total termite treatment, but according to its price which is currently available for $42, it brings satisfying results.

  • OUTXPRO Ultrasonic 360 Degree Rodent Insect Repellent: Like the one above – PestByGoneTM ★Ultrasonic Pest Repellent – this product is not exactly an electronic termite control system; it is a termite repellent, usually used to get rid of insects.

This product provides 360° ultrasonic waves that will cause immunity development problems at termite colonies found within 4000 square feet area.

This electronic system doesn’t need to be plugged in; it just gets charged and put wherever you like to send its ultrasonic waves without any danger to humans or pets.

This product presents a great quality/price comparison as it is available for only $22 and it is advised to use if you are willing to temporarily get rid of annoying termites.

5. The advantages of electronic termite control:

The electronic termite control presents many advantages and it is preferred by many users across the country.

  • It is eco friendly: this method of termite control doesn’t contain any kind of poisonous or chemical substances; it is purely electric and doesn’t present any type of dangers for human health or even pets.
  • You don’t have to leave your house: using electronic termite control, you don’t have to move anything in your house – neither the furniture nor material – you just have to plug in the system and start using it without any worries.
  • It doesn’t kill termites: Well, most of electronic termite control systems don’t kill termites; they just make them leave and create an electronic shield around the house so termites or any other kind of insects cannot enter the house territory.
  • You will save your money: electronic termite control systems are so cheap in a way that you will forget about inviting experts who will ask you to leave your house and fill it with poisonous substances and these experts will also ask for $3,000+. But these systems require a cost of less than $100.
  • It is so simple to use: electronic termite control systems are so easy that everyone can use them. It just gets plugged in and then it will do the job for you.

As the electronic termite control presents many advantages, it also disposes the user to many limits that are sometimes better to avoid.

6. Limits of the efficiency of electronic termite control:

  • It is not highly accessible: electronic termite control is not highly accessible as poisonous chemical substances through bait stations. It may find a wall in the way so it cannot access the termites and then it will not be useful.
  • It can’t be used in the case of large colonies: large colonies might be a problem to electronic termite control as it is designed to attack a small colony and killing or making them leave, but when there are large colonies, damage can be prevented and the house still can be infected.
  • It doesn’t cover large areas: usually, electronic termite control doesn’t cover a large area to guarantee the best treatment of all the termites in the house, it just covers a small area and helps get rid of Drywood termites.


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