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What Color Are Termites?

There are many species of termites which exhibit slight differences in coloration, size, and diet. However, these differences are so slight that it can be hard for anyone other than a biologist or entomologist to spot the differences. The average person is so stunned by seeing a termite on their property that all attention to […]

Hundreds of flying winged termite alates grouped on a floor.

To get rid of flying termites, you need to first know what winged termites in your home or business really mean

It’s a sight that no one wants to see…  Flying termites swarming around, either inside or outside your home.  But, while swarmers can be pretty nerve-wracking, there are several ways you can get rid of these annoying and destructive pests quickly before before they potentially cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home and property. Don’t […]

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