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When Do Termites Swarm?

Imagine this… You wake up on a beautiful warm morning, walk to the kitchen and discover that there are hundreds of winged insects twitching about the doorway and the floor. These insects do not seem to fly well and most of them are dead or dying. This is not the scene of the latest B-thriller. […]


What Eats Termites?

People who are interested in natural or organic termite control often are interested in what are natural predators of termites. Quick Navigation What Animals Eat Termites?ReptilesAmphibiansBirdsMammalsHumansWhat Other Insects or Bugs Eat Termites?AntsSpidersNematodes What Animals Eat Termites?ReptilesQuite a few different types of lizards and snakes have been observed eating termites through out the world. In Africa […]


Where Do Termites Come From?

Some of the most destructive insects to have in a neighbor of homes where there is lots of rotted wood and trees are termites. Termites build large colonies under dry grounds that tunnel for miles and miles. For this reason is makes termites extremely difficult to get rid from a particular area. It is always […]