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DIY termite treatment can work (But takes some knowledge.)
Of the ways to get rid of termites that people are interested in, it seems …
image of termite pro explaining annual termite bond prices to customer
Termite bond prices (What to know BEFORE signing a contract)
The average termite bond cost is less than the price of the average termite treatment. …
Carpenter Ant
Carpenter Ant Damage (What You Can Expect from an Infestation)
Regardless of the fact that they’re rather small, carpenter ants can cause some big problems. …
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I paid way more for termite treatment than I'd like to admit. I hope this site helps you avoid doing the same.

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Termite Advise

Termite control is something most of us don't think much about until there's a problem. I didn't think about it until I found out I had a termite infestation (later than I should have).

This website gives you some simple strategies to identify and prevent termites.

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