Learn How to Kill Termites Effectively

The first question that springs to mind for people who discover they have a termite infestation in their home is usually “How do you kill termites?

Well, it’s easy! Just stomp on them…

If only it were that simple, right?

Unfortunately how to go about killing termites is a difficult question to answer with a simple answer because it all depends on the type of infestation that is in the structure, what type of termite is present, how old the colony is, where it is located and how extensive it is, as well as the local laws and regulations concerning what pesticides are allowed.

Typically the two main factors are what type of termite is present in the infestation and the location and extent of the infestation. The two main types of termites in the US are subterranean and drywood termites although other types exist around the world.

Learn How To Kill Termites Effectively

Pest control companies have many tools at their disposal to remove and control termite problems in a residential home, commercial buildings, and even in wooden items many people would never consider as targets of termite infestations such as fences, furniture, and porches.

We will briefly touch on many of them, but the main ones are limited to a handful of termite control methods.

Termite Baiting Systems

Termite baiting systems can be effective preventing and eradicating termites although they are more effective at preventing termites than eradicating. In addition to that they require continual service.

What is a termite bait system? It is just like it sounds. They are typically little bait “stations” that are inserted into the ground to attract subterranean termites. These stations usually have either wood or paper treated with a termiticide (insecticide specifically for termites) that is intended to not kill the termite foragers. Instead these worker termites will bring it back to the colony and contaminate the rest of the termites eventually killing the Queen. Once the Queen termites is killed the colony will soon perish without the ability to reproduce.

This entire process can take months to finally kill the queen termite. It can be effective if done correctly but this typically takes the knowledge, experience, and tools of a professional termite exterminator.

There are termite baits that can be purchased at a local hardware store but they are not something that you can just throw in the ground and sleep easy at night thinking your home is safe from a termite infestation.

This method of killing termites can be cheap if you opt for a Do It Yourself termite bait system but you are essentially gambling with a very valuable investment—your home!

The much lower price of termite bait systems may seem appealing when compared to professional extermination, if all you consider is the cost. But you should ask yourself “Is saving some money worth potentially risking the value and structural integrity of my home?

Most people would opt for professional termite treatment when considering the risks of not completely eradicating a termite infestation (usually accomplished through termite tenting). Termite prevention methods are better suited for DIY methods than termite eradication methods.

Now if you backyard fence seems to have signs of termites and you want to take a chance with killing those termites yourself that is a different story. However, even in cases like this, remember that having termites in any proximity to your house posses a risk that they will eventually discover the lumber in your house.

Typically a pest control professional will install them and then would need to do a monthly or quarterly check up on them to see if there is any termite activity. They will also need to replace the bait eventually.

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