How To Know If You Have Termites

One of the worst kinds of pest to have invading your home or business building is termites. Not only can these insects eat through an entire house and business structure, but also they are capable of destroying entire neighborhood homes.

They are capable of doing this because their nesting grounds are far beneath the ground where they are able to build hundreds of tunnels to keep their colonies thriving and growing. If you suspect you have termites invading your living space there are several signs you need to watch out for to help you determine if in fact you do have termites.

Check for Hollowness in Wooden Structures

Termites love old wooden structures inside homes, sheds and business buildings. One of the ways you can check for signs of termites is to knock on the wooden structure of your home, shed or business building as if you are knocking on a door. If you get an echoing hollow sound it is, possible termites are invading your living space and destroying it. You can also check for signs of termite infestation by inspecting the land surrounding your living structure. All you do is check the trees and if any of the trees sound hollow or are beginning to crumble into wood shavings or dust there are termites in the area and they could be investing the structure of your living or working space.

Inspect for Groups of Winged Insects

During the early months of spring if termites are beginning to or already have infested an area you will notice termite swarmers, which are termites with wings that work to reproduce new termites to help grow their colonies. Sometimes these particular termites will discard their wings in a particular location of a home as well, which is another essential sign to take note of when it comes to termite infestation. If you are wondering what a termite looks like they are no bigger than ½ with clear elongated bodies, six tiny legs and pinchers in near the top of their heads for chewing purposes. Some will have wings and some will not depending on where they are in their colonies system.

Pay Attention to Distorted Surfaces

Another way to tell if termites are infesting your home is by checking the surfaces along windowpanes, roof siding, attic vents and along the foundation. If you see any chew marks, tiny holes, wood shavings and dust, or areas where the paint is beginning to cracker or distort it is possible you have termites living amongst you and it is time to have a termite inspection done and discover a way to get rid of them before even more damage occurs.

Look for Holes with Mud

Termites love building deep muddy tunnels packed full of moisture because it helps them get to their food source much easier. It also keeps them thriving and surviving, allowing their colonies to function properly and continue growing. Some of the areas outside the home to inspect for termite infestation are within the exterior walls, along backyard or front yard decks and living spaces and along the foundation. In these areas, you are searching for muddy looking tunnel holes where termites travel in and out of on a daily basis. You will even want to check your gutters, downspouts, crawl spaces and other nocks and crannies of the home or business building as well for muddy tunnel holes or even frass. Frass is wood-colored termite droppings that termites leave behind as they chop on wood and digest it.

Simply Inspect for the Insects

Another for sure way to know if you have termites is to spot them yourself. If you see a group of clear chomping insects chewing away at your home you know, it is time to call in the exterminator. Even if you see them outside in the dead trees surrounding your home or any other wooden structure it is wise to can a termite inspector to come check out the situations. Again, termites are not an insect you want to mess with because they can and will take down an entire home or business building in little time when given the chance too. You would not want the structure of your home or business to collapse and fall down around you as you are inside of it because the termites finally chewed away at the last supporting structured area.

End Notes to Keep in Mind for Termite Infestations

If you cannot determine if termites are infesting your home or business building with the information you just read it is time to call in an experienced termite inspecting group to help you figure it out. The long you let a termite situations go unhandled the worse the damage becomes. If a termite infestation is suspected, it is essential you treat the problem immediately before you end up with more damage and more expenses.


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