Is This Termite Control Product Better Than that Termite Control Product?

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Basically, any termite control product that is approved by the government can be deemed as effective when used as intended. Some termite products on the market don’t really have any testing done to demonstrate their effectiveness, particularly the electronic repellers. Of course, some products will be a little better than others but what it really boils down to is using the right tool for the right job.

Certain types of termite infestations call for certain types of termite treatment. Also certain types of wooden structures require different types of termite products for different deterring termites as well. For example, a house with a deep foundation in an area where subterranean termites are common may require a termite trench be applied whereas a wooden plank fence in drywood termite country may be protected by adding borax to the paint. Every situation is a bit different and will require a different termite product to do the job.

There are many out there that work great, just check if it’s approved by the government and then check some reviews online, and follow the instructions. It would also be advisable to contact a local termite control professional and get their opinion on what to do. An experienced termite technician will be able to give you sound advice and most likely you will not want to attempt to control termites by yourself. If one termite company is not willing to help you out, move on to the next one. You will likely find at least one company in your area who would be willing to share some of their expertise with you.

There are many factors that go into effective termite control including the species of termite present, the way the structure is built, the climate, of a proper inspection to determine the extent of the colony. It is extremely tough to do all of this on your own without the tools and experience that a typical pest control professional possesses.


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