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Tenting a house for termites involves some preparation work on the part of the home owner. If you do not prep your home adequately for a pest control fumigation, you can put yourself, family, or pets at a health risk.

Most professional pest control companies will help educate you on this process, but it does not hurt to be aware of what you will need to do ahead of time so you know what you are getting yourself into.

How To Prepare for Home Termite Fumigation

Most home owners who decide to get termite tent fumigation do not realize that they need to do some significant preparation before they start the process.

Things To Remove Before Your House is Fumigated

  1. Your Food: Any food that has already been open or in which the seal has been popped should be double bagged in special Nylon Polymer bags. After they have been properly sealed in these Nylon Polymer bags they can be left in the home. If you have any doubt as to wether or not some type of food should be sealed, bag it. When in doubt, you can also remove the items from your home and store them at a neighbors or friends. Canned foods and foods in glass jars do not have to be bagged. For example a 2 liter bottle of soda can be left as is.
  2. Pet Food: Should be treated the same as human food. If it is open it should be double bagged with Nylon Polymer bags. If it is still sealed by the manufacture it can remain as is.
  3. Alcohol: Again, treat these the same as other liquids. If they still contain the manufacturers seal feel free to leave them unbagged. If the seal is broken in any way then double bag it. Corked wine bottles should either be bagged or stored horizontally.
  4. Tobacco: Tobacco products should be treated the same as food products prior to tenting. Bag up anything that is not still sealed by the manufacturer.
  5. Pets: It’s not difficult to remember to remove your dog or cat but other little critters should also be removed prior fumigation. If your kids have something like a hamster, lizard, gold fish, etc. they should be taken from the home during the fumigation process.
  6. House Plants: Remove any plant you may have in your home until after the fumigation is complete.

How To Seal Nylon Polymer Bags

  1. Put one of these nylon polymer bags inside the other prior to filling them with household items.
  2. Place you items in the bags filling nearly to the top but leaving enough room to properly seal both bags.
  3. Start with the inner bag, twist the top of the bag and double it over itself. Then secure it with tape or a twist tie. Repeat this process with the outer bag.
  4. Next test the bag for air leaks by pressing the bag gently and observing and listening for any air leaks. The bag should hold air if it does not have any leaks.
  5. Finally if you have any questions about bagging your household items please ask your exterminator. If you picked a good one, they should have plenty of experience knowing what to bag and what not too. You could also ask them to take a look around your house before the scheduled day for fumigation to double check for items you may have left unsealed that should have been sealed. The Fumigator will also perform a check the day of the scheduled fumigation to identify anything that may have been accidentally been left unsealed.

What Is Termite Tenting?

Termite tenting is another term for termite fumigation. This type of fumigation derived its knick name because the process involves surrounding a house with a large nylon tent that completely seals off the the structure so that a gas poisonous to insects can fill the entire structure and kill off any drywood termites living inside. This insecticide will also kill off most other insects dwelling in your home. Keep in mind, this method only kills off colonies of drywood termites, it will NOT eradicate subterranean termites because they enter your home from the below ground and tenting is ineffective at reaching their underground tunnels. This is why treating a home for subterranean termites also involves the prices of termite trenching (in addition to tenting if termites have significantly infested a home).

The other type of termite tenting uses heat instead of chemical gas to kill the termites in your home. Again, the house is sealed off completely with a “tent” but instead of being filled with insecticide it is filled with heat that the termites cannot withstand.

What is the Cost of Tenting a House for Termites?

The average cost of tenting a house for termites is around… This will vary depending on the size of your home and due to price variations in different pest control companies. It is alway s a good idea to get at least three separate quotes from different termite companies.

The following prices are simply estimates to give you an idea of what fumigation or heat extermination might cost. Both termite fumigation and termite heat extermination will be based off a price per cubic foot of the home plus any additional areas such as a deck, garage, etc. Keep in mind pest control companies in your area may charge slightly higher or lower.

  • Termite Fumigation Extermination Cost: around $1200-$2500 for a 1250 square foot house and around $2200-$3800 for a 2500 square foot house.
  • Termite Heat Extermination Cost: around $1250 for a 1250 square foot house and around $2500 for a 2500 square foot house.

Termite tenting is one of the more expensive types of treatments but at the same time it is one of the most effective and complete drywood termite treatments available. That being said there are some drawbacks to it.

Tenting for Termites Safety and Health Risks

Most people have understandable worries about possible health risks of termite tenting. Particularly people are often worried about how it may affect pregnant women, small children, pets, and the elderly. However, every person should ensure they look into and ensure the health risks and possible complications associated with fumigating an entire home.

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