Termite bond prices (What to know BEFORE signing a contract)


The average termite bond cost is less than the price of the average termite treatment. In the United States, the average termite bond costs between $500 and $2500 dollars whereas the average cost of termite treatment plus repairs are around $9000. Similar to our health, preventative measures for our homes are cheaper and more effective than treating symptoms.

If you want price estimates for a termite bond in your area, you can fill out a few questions below and receive several free quotes so you can compare and save money.

But, do you really need to worry about termites? It depends on a few factors, the main one being the termite threat level where you live.

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Termite Prevention Tips

We share more termite prevention strategies here but some common household tips that will help prevent these costly pests from taking up residence in your home and destroying one of your most costly possessions:

  1. Keep all stored firewood or lumber of any type away from the foundation of your home.
  2. Don’t cover the foundation or any wood surfaces completely with vegetation, soil, or mulch (Examples being trim, siding, and window frames on basement windows.)
  3. Any wood that has contact with the soil needs to be treated. If treated materials were not used for deck supports, fences retaining walls, steps, or any other items that are in contact with the soil, they should be replaced.
  4. Maintain gutters.
  5. Reduce moisture in crawl spaces.
  6. Keep repairs up to date concerning leaks in the roof, flashings, pipes, and plumbing fixtures.

Termite treatments available to you

There are around 45 different species of termites (in the U.S.) that fall into 3 different categories: damp wood, subterranean, and drywood termites.

Understanding the different categories of termites will reveal their most likely entryway into your home and also the most effective treatment for them.

  • Dampwood termites are the largest in both size and popularity of the three different types of termites. They live in areas that are high in moisture. Your best line of treatment is to eliminate any leaks and dry out the areas that are high in moisture. In places where moisture control cannot be used-spot treatments of termite insecticides will take care of them.
  • Subterranean termites are the most destructive of the three categories. Baiting treatments, foam treatments, preconstruction, and post-construction treatments are a few methods for treating this destructive pest.
  • Drywood termites do not need any contact with the soil and can thrive within the confines and protection of wood. Treatments with orange oil, sunlight, microwaving, and electrocution can be effective for certain spot infestations (infestations localized to a small area) but for larger drywood termite infestations fumigant or heat tenting is often required to exterminate them.
  • I need a termite bond to sell a house. Do not care about an extended contract just want the bond to sell it. What is the lowest price I can get away with. Please send quotes

    • Hi Denise, you usually do not have to have a termite bond to sell your house, just a termite inspection. Although every State and country has their own laws regarding this, I would look into it further because I haven’t heard of a termite bond requirement prior to selling a house. Either way if you need quotes just fill out some quick info here and your will get them in a timely manner.

    • Hi Barbara, thanks for visiting. We do not sell drywood termite bonds but you can get several estimates for termite bonds for free and compare the prices by entering some quick information here.

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