Effective Termite Control That Really Works

Termite bait systems are a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) termite control methods you may have heard of or may even be considering using. People are drawn to termite bait or termite "trap" systems because they are relatively easy to use (compared to other treatment methods like fumigation or termite trenching), but it's important to keep in mind that termite bait systems are better suited as a preventative measure than as a treatment method for eradicating termites.

The reason for this is that if termites are already inside your house, they are unlikely to leave your house to checkout bait systems that are located outside your house.

Bait systems are not that difficult to use, but they do require you to be a little bit handy, and they require you to check them no less than four times a year. If you do not monitor your termite bait systems, you will have no idea if you have termite activity around the outside of your home, making them a worthless investment for you.

If you do have termites in your house already you may be able to perform a spot treatment if you identify the infested area is limited in scope. For example, you may find out through conducting your own termite inspection that your termite problem is limited to your porch or window sills.

If this were the case, you maybe be able to apply chemical termiticides or orange oil to the limited infestation and kill all the termites in the problem area. But, and this is a big but, spot treatment is only effective if you accurately identify the extent of a termite infestation. 

The problem with this is that most people do not have the tools or experience that professional termite controllers possess. One such tool is a thermal camera, which allows termite professionals to see termite activity inside walls and other areas that would otherwise be difficult to detect termites within.

Another common method many people opt for is natural termite control. Although the term “natural” is somewhat debatable, there are definitely methods of termite control that are more “natural” than others, and many folks who would rather not expose their home to the strong chemicals present in traditional fumigation are turning to green alternatives.

Termite heat tenting is similar to fumigation but instead of pumping chemicals into your home, heat is circulated throughout your home while being contained in a similar "tent" as traditional fumigation tenting. This is an effective, chemical-free method to treat an extensive termite infestation. The only disadvantage to heat treatment for termites, is that there is no chemical residue left (since no chemical is used) to deter termites from returning, however, other termite prevention strategies can be implemented to mitigate this risk.


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