Termite FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions about Termites)


Here is a list of the most common questions we get asked about termites and termite treatments. Please shoot us a message if you have a question you need an answer to that you do not already see listed below or if you would like further information on a question you do see answered.

Table of Contents

  1. About Termites
  2. Termite Prevention
  3. Termite Treatment
  4. DIY (Do It Yourself) Termite Treatment and Prevention

About Termites

Termite Prevention

Termite Treatment

DIY (Do It Yourself) Termite Treatment and Prevention

  • What’s the best DIY (Do It Yourself) termite treatment?
  • Are there hidden and unforeseen costs to termite exterminations?
  • What should I do if I already hired a company for termite treatment and the termites return?
  • How can I prevent termites from returning?
  • How can I prevent a termite infestation?
  • Do termites have any natural predators?
  • Are there any natural termite treatment options?
  • How long does termite extermination take?
  • What is the cheapest termite control method?
  • What is the quickest termite control method?
  • How fast can termites ruin a home?
  • What other bugs eat wood besides termites?
  • What regions of the world do termites live in?
  • Can landscaping mulch attract termites?
  • Is a termite inspection and protection plan worth the price?
  • Is There Termite Insurance?
  • How Can I Kill Termites?
  • How difficult is DIY (Do It Yourself) termite treatment?
  • How do I visually inspect for termites?
  • What are some visual indicators of termites?
  • How to find a good local termite exterminator?
  • What are some alternative termite extermination methods?
  • Are termite treatment “plans” worth the money?
  • What are the different types of termites?
  • What is a subterranean termite?
  • How long does it take to treat a termite infestation?
  • What is the basic process of termite extermination?
  • Why does termite treatment cost so much?
  • How can a calculate how much termite treatment costs will be?
  • What are some trusted companies for termite treatments and exterminations?
  • How much does termite protection cost?
  • What other types of wood destroying insects are there?
  • What are termite bait systems and bait stations?
  • How effective are termite bait systems and stations?
  • What does a typical termite contract entail?
  • What is Termidor?
  • How does Termidor work?
  • How often should I get a termite inspection?
  • How much does a termite inspection cost?
  • What are termite swarmers?
  • What types of termite treatments are there?
  • What is a VA termite inspection?
  • Why does termite treatment cost seem so high?
  • What are the pros and cons of termite baits?
  • Should I completely out-rule buying a house that has termites?
  • How can you do your own termite baiting?
  • What can I expect during a termite home inspections?
  • Am I allowed to apply termite chemicals myself?
  • What is a drywood termite?
  • What do termites eat?
  • What is the approximate cost for termite control?
  • Does what region I live in affect termite treatment pricing?
  • Are these ants or termites?
  • Does vacuuming termites trigger more swarms of termites?
  • Can termites climb metal?
  • Did I see a termite swarm or ants with wings?
  • Do termites eat black mulch?
  • Are Termites Attracted to Mulch?
  • How can I get rid of termites?
  • Where do termite inspectors look during their inspection?
  • What are some effective termite deterrants?
  • Can termites be covered by insurance?
  • How much damage to buildings can termites cause?
  • Why do termites shed their wings?
  • Is there any gadget or device for detecting termites?
  • What kind of termite eats pine trees?
  • How do I know if termites are attacking my house?
  • What is termite tenting?
  • What is the best way to get rid of termites?
  • What is a drywood termite?
  • What’s the difference between a drywood termite and a subterranean termite?
  • What areas of the USA are most at risk to termite infestations?
  • What is Termidor and how does it work?

How much does a Termidor Termite treatment cost?

Do termite larvae look like maggots? – Not typically because they are about the and color and shape of a grain of rice but typically they are even smaller than a grain of rice. Learn more here…

Should we buy a house with termite damage on the roof and garage?

Should I buy a house with minor termite damage?

Approximate cost for termite control?

What can we do regarding a fraudulant termite inspection and report?

What questions should we ask the termite inspector?

Any advice for a first time home buyer regarding termite treatment and inspections?

How do I assess and repair termite damage?

What is the average cost of initial termite treatments?

In termite treatment, why do they have to drill into the concrete slab foundation of my house?

I have a termite problem in my house?

How do you kill termites?

Saw one winged termite in house–call pest control?

Found termite damage in a house purchased 6 months ago, can I sue the home inspector?

Can I bring a termite infestation from someone else’s house to my own?

Can my landlord evict me due to termite infestation repairs?

Renters Rights for Termite Tenting?

My neighbor refuses to deal with his termite problem..what should I do?

Can I force my landlord to handle termite extermination?

Is it true home builders could build homes totally resistant to termites, but they won’t because that would?

that would hurt their business.??

How long after it rains should you do a termite treatment?

How long does the effect of termite tenting last?

How to replace door frame from termite damage?

Where does a Queen Termite come from?

Does the whole 2×4 stud need to be replaced after termites?

Can you have a pet termite? – Yahoo Answers

What over the counter chemicals will kill termites.?

Seller doing their own termite inspection?

Does seeing termites during swarms mean I have them?

Can boric acid be mixed with paint to kill termites in wood?

What are the differences between cockroach and soldier termite?

Is it safe to burn logs in the fireplace that termites have gotten into?

Why is the relationship between a termite and the protozoan Trichonympha an example of mutualisms?

How do you get rid of termites?

How much can I expect termite control to cost?

Anyone know where i can buy termite orange oil?

Would you buy a house that has been treated for termite a year ago? The property is in NC.?

Termite in the backyard. Should I get a termite plan?

Do i have a termite swarm?

How do I clean termite mud tunnels that are all over my studs and joists?

Is Plyboard or Medium Density Fireboard Better for a Termite Infested Area?

How do I kill or contain drywood termites that make kick-out holes?

How do i get rid of termites when i have no money.?

Should termite treatment be done before or after remodeling?

Termites maybe covered by insurance?

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